Nature’s Role Models

I want to explore the world like the slug. Slug has no choice but to take it easy, feeling and sliming their way to wherever they wish to be. Getting a 100% complete experience with whatever they happen to come in contact with. Androgynous, mellow, and well hydrated~ That’s the life!

I have this crazy idea, and I want to share it with someone.

You know how trees, when cut transversely, have tree rings round and round, each standing for a different year? It’s similar to a vibration pattern. Like the rhythm of the ocean, or breath, or a single drop of water on the still: bouncing, waving, spreading out slowly. What if it was the trees’ heartbeat that keeps going and stops only when it gets cut or falls and essentially “dies”, halting the rhythm of life? Although not at the same pace as ours, it’s ultimately the same. It’s just vibrating at a different speed than ours.

Water droplets, too, are a lot like them, and in turn, a lot like us. We all fall down on this Earth, make a splash, some bigger than others, some smaller yet essential to launch others even higher. We’re all reaching for a single goal, and once we arrive there at our beautiful pinnacle, we descend, cause our last few waves, and slowly disappear, returning back to where we came from. And then it starts all over again.