Beeing Human

It’s like my insides aren’t matching up with my outsides and I’m still coordinating or introducing myself to… myself..? 

Yourself changing is the world changing around you. Does not everyone live in their own little world of personal perspective? Wouldn’t you like a piece of their mind? So you can gain peace of (your) mind?

I feel the earth move under my feet–everyday! Earthquakes, electrolytes, ions ~ big to small, are just mother natures way of biting you in the ass to wake & shake you up into a rebirth.. Oh, sweet clarity. Flutter onwards.

Just make sure you come as you are, naked and barefoot, to experience the elemental experiment exponentially, infinitely, miraculous. Try it yourself sometime, you may find joy.

Because that’s what life is all about. Being human. Human beings. We are humans. So, life is truly simple in the infinite loop we call life. It’s all about beeing together! 

Buzzz ~ Smell ya later 🙂

Food is free!

  Just plant, harvest, forage in the forest or take a gander in the market bin for all of your nutritional needs & entertainment. It’s simple & way more fun than spending money~  From my last market bin haul I got bananas, red bananas, plantains, limes, capsicum, tomatoes, tree tomatoes, mangoes, potatoes, corn, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, sprouted peas & cucumber! That’ll feed me for days. Burp*   Along with regular foraging & harvesting from the infinite bananas, citrus, papayas & many other fruit trees surrounding me, I rarely find myself spending money at the market. I find myself more often having fun instead!    Plant some seeds, take a walk, grab a pal & open your eyes to recieve ~ enjoy the abundant treasures & adventures yet to be discovered~*•.


Discover the possibilities at Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven

Nature’s Role Models

I want to explore the world like the slug. Slug has no choice but to take it easy, feeling and sliming their way to wherever they wish to be. Getting a 100% complete experience with whatever they happen to come in contact with. Androgynous, mellow, and well hydrated~ That’s the life!

How to be a Soft Sea Coral

It’s easy.

Pretty much just stay grounded yet flexible, colourful and glowing, slow and steady, never stop flowing. Keep doing this, explore, bloom and learn together. Surely, we’ll grow, as we continue growing on forever.

Earthlings from corals, all creatures, including plants and trees ~Born from the same stardust~ See how we’re designed so harmoniously? Such rhythmic diversity and vibration in water, air or land. This planet which we love on today… Isn’t she grand?