Food is free!

  Just plant, harvest, forage in the forest or take a gander in the market bin for all of your nutritional needs & entertainment. It’s simple & way more fun than spending money~  From my last market bin haul I got bananas, red bananas, plantains, limes, capsicum, tomatoes, tree tomatoes, mangoes, potatoes, corn, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, sprouted peas & cucumber! That’ll feed me for days. Burp*   Along with regular foraging & harvesting from the infinite bananas, citrus, papayas & many other fruit trees surrounding me, I rarely find myself spending money at the market. I find myself more often having fun instead!    Plant some seeds, take a walk, grab a pal & open your eyes to recieve ~ enjoy the abundant treasures & adventures yet to be discovered~*•.


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