Feel the hoop,

Never ending loop,

Stop, struggle, inverted, trouble,

Look them in the eye, now you’re seeing double,

Fumble in the clouds,

Weaving through the crowds,

Hop, shuffle, dip, end it with a skip,

Playing a record so lyrical,

Teaching me how to be spiritual,

Water, liquid, honey, never ending money,

Strolling on the coast,

Tell me what matters the most.

How to be a Soft Sea Coral

It’s easy.

Pretty much just stay grounded yet flexible, colourful and glowing, slow and steady, never stop flowing. Keep doing this, explore, bloom and learn together. Surely, we’ll grow, as we continue growing on forever.

Earthlings from corals, all creatures, including plants and trees ~Born from the same stardust~ See how we’re designed so harmoniously? Such rhythmic diversity and vibration in water, air or land. This planet which we love on today… Isn’t she grand?